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AMCONYC Fashion Week is an equal opportunity workplace.  We have a lot of fun with a team of professionals.  When you volunteer with us, you receive REAL hands on experience.  This isn't a "go get coffee" type of position.  You will be interviewed and reviewed.  The AMCONYC climate is fun, empowering and beneficial.  We receive hundred of submissions each season and you will notice we have a lot of the same faces each season.  The competition is fierce. Put your best foot forward.




Applying volunteer must meet the following requirements for fashion week consideration:


Previous fashion show experience a plus

Presentable resume showcasing work experience

Must submit a resume, cover letter and recent image for consideration.  Just submitting an email will not be accepted

Must be available for interview via Skype

Must be in NY for shows

Must have full availability

Must be respectful of other including peers

Must have "YES" attitude

Must be able to follow instructions and execute

Must be a team player and willing to work where needed

Must be punctual & reliable





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