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Onyii & Co is a luxury lifestyle brand that caters to the world-traveled woman, known for vivid color, print, and bohemian style silhouettes. This exclusive collection utilizes the finest quality global textiles, with a focus on luxury, comfort and creative expression. The global textiles used to create these garments allow women to indulge in an indigenous and authentic sense of luxury that endures them with the confidence they need to strive for, seek and become more.
Onyii & Co was seeking brand awareness through fashion week and an increase to the brands social media following
AMCONYC worked with Onyii & Co to produce her fashion show.  We provided a targeted audience filling the guest list with social media influencers. Meeting a substantial amount of bloggers and influencers helped Onyii & Co gain more awareness to the brand through social posts and features
The success of the show increased traffic to her brand website and social media pages. “I thought the show was successful in that there were many people in attendance. Increased sales, followers etc. There were a lot of views of the Onyii & Co. LLC show. I did increase followers and was able to build momentum from there. It was an opportunity to present during fashion week in an amazing venue. AMCONYC's team really made the process seem seamless.“ - Onyii, Designer.
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