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Kate Atelier is Paris-based, organic and fairtrade fashion brand that was founded on four main principles: organic, fair-trade, fashionable and quality clothing for women.
Kate was seeking brand awareness through fashion week and an increase to the brand's social media following to help promote sales.
AMCONYC worked with Kate to produce her fashion show.  We provided a targeted audience filling the guest list with social media influencers. Meeting a substantial amount of bloggers and influencers helped Kate Atelier gain more awareness to the brand through social posts, features and brand collaborations.  
The success of the show increased traffic to her brand website and social media pages by 45%. The brand gained roughly 500 followers across 3 platforms which were almost double what they had before working with AMCONYC.  Kate Atelier was also picked up by a New York-based showroom.

“I think the level of professionalism, AMCONYC provided was a good first impression of my brand. The way the show was carried out from start to finish. It felt like the team all had a very good grasp of what needed to be done and executed everything flawlessly. The show was very successful in terms of gaining brand awareness and social media followers, bloggers” - Kate, Designer
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