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Éva Michelle Designs is a contemporary womenswear line that offers chic designs for the fearless, modern women. Their mission is to create custom quality clothing to preserve the essence of timeless and sophisticated fashion. Their brand seeks to inspire women around the world to cultivate creativity and individuality.




As a startup brand, there were many constraints and obstacles that the company was looking to overcome. These challenges included minimal brand exposure, limited resources to produce large-scale events and a lack of industry connections.






AMCONYC approached the brand’s designer with the opportunity to showcase her F|W 2016 collection during New York Fashion Week. After researching AMCONYC and reviewing the positive feedback given by designers and industry experts, it was a clear choice that showcasing with AMCONYC was the best decision for the brand to not only gain exposure but to work with a well-established, professional company.





The collaboration between Éva Michelle Designs and AMCONYC not only received great feedback but was the largest show in attendance of their F|W 2016 designer participants with over 250 industry insiders and influencers in attendance. The brand also received several write-ups from various bloggers and online magazines.

Additionally, Éva Michelle Designs doubled their following across all social media platforms within days of their presentation. The showcase was done seamlessly and without any glitches or setbacks. The staff, interns, hair stylists, makeup artists, runway coordinator and the executive team worked in perfect harmony to create a show that the designer was proud of and manifested positive, quantifiable outcomes.







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