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Wear Your Label started as a simple idea: clothing to create conversations around mental health. Their team members have all experienced mental illness, and united under the common goal of ending the stigma, in style. Their motto? It's okay not to be okay.
Wear Your Label was seeking exposure and expansion into the US markets while stimulating sales in the meantime.
AMCONYC worked with Wear Your Label to produce their show and target the right people to attend.  We provided a targeted audience filling the guest list with social media influencers and local celebrities.  We offered an on-site popup shop to bring in sales.
"We did have increased sales with the launch & pop-up shop at the show. We also received a bit of press, but what truly defines it as successful in my opinion was the opportunities that came afterwards. Being able to say that we showed in New York, having imagery and videos from the experience, helped validate our brand when approaching new partners or pitching for funds.  We received a bit of press coverage, and also developed a nation-wide relationship with Joe Fresh (Canada) after showing."
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