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Category sponsorship packages allow your brand to be the exclusive partner in a particular category on-site at AMCONYC events. This is a unique opportunity for each category sponsor to be included in all of our campaigns – both those leading up to and during AMCONYC events throughout the year. Along with the presenting sponsor, your brand will be promoted as part of the event’s comprehensive media, marketing, and promotional efforts.


Key partnership categories are listed below, but are not limited to:


Shoes/ Accessories

Automotive / Motorcycle

Beauty: Haircare / Makeup / Skincare

Beverage:  Water / Energy Drink

Electronics / Tech

Entertainment: Film / Music

Financial: Bank / Credit Card

Lifestyle: Spa / Fitness

Liquor: Wine / Beer / Spirits

Hospitality: Restaurant

Nightlife: Bar/ Lounge / Club

Travel: Hotel / Airline


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